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General Information

The town of Radersburg was named after Reuben Rader who came to the area in about 1863.  In 1865 when Jefferson County was formed, he was appointed one of its first county commissioners.  He deeded 40 acres of his land and laid out the town site in 1866. By 1869 the mining boom of the 1860’s developed the town to a population of 1000 and in 1869 it became the county seat of Jefferson County.  A courthouse and a jail were built on the hill above main street.


Radersburg had been an important stop in shipping and stage coach routes so with the coming of the railroad developing Toston and Townsend, and decline in the price of gold and other minerals by 1884 it was no longer a shipping center and lost the county seat to Boulder.  The courthouse was used for a school until 1912 when the existing brick school was built, it then became a community center.  The jail became the Silver Dollar Bar. 


The town continued to prosper as one of the biggest mining districts in the Territory and with its rich natural resources in the Crow Creek Valley farming and ranching maintained the town’s survival.  Today the town has a population of about 75 but has a larger community of ranchers in the valley.

Radersburg in the early days (Photographer and date unknown.)

History of Radersburg

(from Broadwater Bygones, a publication of Broadwater County Historical Society, 1977)